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64 junior teams to get support in 64 countries

K.Hartwall has launched a welfare program to support a Junior Sport team in each of the countries where it is doing business. The first awarded Junior Team is situated in Liuzhou City, 1500 km East of Suzhou. Read more

The donation will go to one of the many public primary schools where students come from poorer families. It will make it possible for 30 children from football and athletics teams to get new running shoes, T-shirts, jackets and track suits.

The fantastic news is that when our team in China explained what we wanted the equipment for, the sport goods store gave us a big discount allowing us to buy even more equipment for other deserving youngsters in Liuzhou.

Our General Manager for K.Hartwall (Suzhou) Trading Co. Ltd, Christer Bauer, Allen Xia and Lowaca Lin were visiting the school and meeting the children of the Junior Team on the 5th June to see the new sports’ gear in use.

“With these monthly actions we want to give back to the community and offer those who need it the opportunity to pursue their goals rather than feeling like outsiders in the society,” says Olli E. Juvonen, CEO of K.Hartwall. “The Junior team program also supports the ideal of team spirit which is at the heart of the K.Hartwall corporate culture,” he adds.

The program is due to run for 5 years and will span the globe from the Australian continent, to Africa, South and North America, Europe, the Nordics and the Russian federation.

We strongly hope that such a program will inspire other companies to take similar actions.

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