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K.Hartwall makes massive investments in new equipment

To further improve quality and efficiency we have invested in cutting-edge laser cutter, wire processing and welding techniques.

Wire processing is an important part of our manufacturing process which is we purchased 2 new machines: a Wafios R45 wire straightener and cutter with double pay off stations and a Numalliance FTX13 wire 3D bender. Both machines, which were installed this spring, are the latest technology in their field with extremely fast set-ups and running speed. Also the 3D bender will give new possibilities to develop innovative solutions using wire.

In June our second LT Fiber tube laser cutter was installed. A remarkable feature on this new machine is an active scanning process which checks any deviation on the tube and makes automatic adjustments to the cutting parameters to improve precision and quality. At the same time the production speed has been increased by close to 70 %.

We also have two new robot welding cells: one installed at the end of last year and one about to be taken into use during August. They enable us to manufacture larger products especially needed for our postal and automotive customers.

We have also heavily invested in new welding equipment. A year ago we decided to upgrade some of our robots with the latest welding technique from Fronius. They are the leading welding equipment developer and we can see a lot of improvements both in welding speed and quality. Power efficiency has increased a lot, reducing our energy consumption. Additionally with this new technique we now have the possibility to weld on the top of steel, aluminum, stainless and pre-galvanized steel.

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