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The New K. Hartwall Repair Data System

In addition to selling some of the most innovative containers in the market, K.Hartwall wants to help our customers lower the total cost of ownership of load carriers which is why we are introducing a brand new cloud-based Repair Data System.

Typically each year 10-20% of the fleet total value goes into repair & maintenance operations, meaning sometimes hundreds of thousands of euros spent per annum.

By gathering data across all maintenance sites and carefully analyzing your repair activities, you are much better able to understand the actual costs of your fleet upkeep, budget resources and manage spare parts. The additional benefits are that you can optimize your fleet composition and size and educate personnel to handle the equipment more effectively.

The K. Hartwall Repair Data System is simple, easy to learn cloud based solution. All you need is the scanner and a tablet that we provide and you are good to go!

The system will gather all relevant repair information with minimum effort and cost, including user and unit identification, timestamp, repair actions performed and spare parts used. Spare part stock levels can be also monitored and automatically updated within the system.

To gather this information, all you need to do is to scan the correct bar codes from a pre-defined list of all repair activities and spare parts, which is quick and intuitive and minimizes human error. Data is automatically send to cloud allowing you to get real-time visibility  of management information in the form of reports including usage of a certain spare part or to all the repairs done for a certain type of equipment in selected period.

Key user benefits of the K. Hartwall Repair Data System:
•    Easy to set up and use
•    Real time access to reports and database of repair activities
•    Cost-efficient
•    Reliable

Increased visibility over your operations means increased control and lower cost.

Contact us today to set up a pilot and see for yourself!

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