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Where to start your Lean journey?

Lean is essentially to maximize customer value while minimizing waste. To accomplish this, Lean thinking changes the focus of a company from optimizing the different assets, technologies and departments to optimizing the flow of products and services through the entire value streams from suppliers all the way to the customers.

K. Hartwall is a member of both The Lean Factory Group and Lean Workshop Group who offer free training to anyone wishing to start their ‘’Lean Journey’’ or perhaps looking to refresh their understanding of Lean techniques. The events are one day sessions and are held all over Europe and the United States.

With sites all over Europe and FREE training events both The Lean Factory Group and Lean Workshop Group offer insights into understanding Lean with class room training sessions and also an operational manufacturing cell.The cell embodies the latest developments in Lean manufacturing technology and manufactures real products, which are produced in a wide range of variants to show how effectively Lean manufacturing handles present-day requirements for production.

On hand at each event are Lean specialists with an in-depth knowledge into many areas of the supply chain, from shop floor production tools, automation, logistics, materials handling and consulting.

Places at the training events are limited and fill up fast, so should you wish to attend it is recommended that you book early.

Watch this video to get a quick overview of the Lean workshops:

For further information: (Germany)

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