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Our Sales Manager in France has been working with Picard Surgelés to create a training video for their operational teams. Picking was earlier made in demountable roll cages so it was crucial to teach the end users how to handle the new equipment.

Picard using roll cages from K.Hartwall

Picard Surgelés is the leading frozen food specialist in France. They offer more than 1000 premium quality frozen food products and distribute them through their own label in more than 920 stores.

Regarding roll containers, Picard was looking for an easy-to-use, space-efficient and qualitative solution to improve in-store work conditions and ease operations at distribution centers, this without impacting productivity.

Picking was earlier made in demountable load carriers, which required physical efforts for mounting and demounting the units as well as for the logistic operations. Additionally, stores – very often located in city centers – have narrow backrooms including a cold storage leaving only a very limited storage space for empty roll containers.

The Foldia®, our latest foldable Roll cage, appeared to be the innovative solution matching Picard’s operational requirements and improvement targets. Following a trial period a few adjustments were made to the Foldia’s configuration to fit the customer specific needs. After that the Foldia® was welcomed by all users in stores, warehouses and transport and is now recognized for easing both operations and process. The most significant improvements are for the staff in the stores.

When implementing the Foldia®, K. Hartwall trained some users to show best practice. Several discussions together with Picard training team highlighted that it would make sense to share this video with all teams, the purpose being to support the change in processes, and also to get rid of bad habits related to demountable roll cages.

Together with Picard communication & training department, Camille Sibieude made a video which is now part of their internal training process. It explains how to use the Foldia® in the best way. It also helps increasing safety at work and improving ergonomics for all employees.

To watch the video, click here.

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