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Bake Five

“Because our bakeries have to deliver to 1,350 retail shops every morning, it is vital for our organisation to use the K. Hartwall low-noise Bread Dollies. ”

Bake Five

The challenge

Bake Five favours off-peak hours store delivery because it enables shorter delivery times. The company was looking for logistics solutions that would also fulfil the PIEK certification criteria. The PIEK certification was launched to encourage the development of new, more quiet logistics solutions that would enable low-noise deliveries in urban areas.

The solution

K. Hartwall has developed several solutions, which have passed the noise tests according to the PIEK standards and can thus be used for off-hours deliveries also in residential areas. Bake Five chose K. Hartwall’s PIEK certified Bread Dolly and has been content with the improved logistics efficiency and reduced noise levels.

Industry: Bakery

Solution: Metal Dolly (PIEK certified)

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