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“Implementing the K.Hartwall Lean Logistics including Lean dollies, KLT-lifters, Adaptor Pallets, Pallet Size Dollies and Taxi Wagons has enabled us to upgrade our current logistics system to a fork-lift free and wheel-based system. ”


The challenge

Brose is a German family owned Tier-1 automotive supplier who have been manufacturing in China since 1996. Since then it has grown considerably to a point where it now has twelve factories in six of China’s most important automotive regions. To date VDA small load carriers and pallets have been the dominant equipment in use. As the business continues to grow the China Brose’s team have been looking for solutions on how it can improve their logistics efficiency using lean principles. Brose have tried a number of solutions but found that the range of load carriers required are not compatible with each other.

The solution

When K.Hartwall met the Brose team we presented our complete portfolio for Lean Logistics solutions. The site managers immediately liked the solution as they could see how it could significantly improve their logistics efficiency and could provide a new Brose logistics model for other sister facilities. The operators liked it as well since the K.Hartwall products are designed with ergonomics in mind, are easy to handle and facilitate a safe working environment. In a meeting with K.Hartwall, Tomas Herman, China Logistics Director also commented that he was very impressed by the innovation capability of K.Hartwall.

Industry: Automotive

Size: 6,6 million €

Solution: Lean dolly and Adaptor Pallet

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Products used