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Inex Partners

“The new Foldia® Roll container has clearly improved our distribution process and provides us with a secure load carrier that we can trust in our new automation system. ”

Inex Partners

The challenge

Inex is building a new Central Distribution centre in Sipoo, to be ready in 2016, where the Roll Container fleet needs to comply to the highly automated order-picking. Thereby there was a need for a high quality load carrier that operates smoothly in automation and minimizes non-productive hours during manual handling.

The solution

After identifying the customer requirements and calculating the business benefits it was clear that Foldia, a revolutionary load carrier with its symmetrical folding design and ergonomic plastic base was the solution. It both helps reducing manual handling in DC when preparing for order-picking and in stores when preparing the Roll containers for return transport. Its very space-efficient design enables a ratio of 5:1 when empty.

Industry: Retail

Size: 150 million €

Solution: Foldia

Products used