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“We always look for ways to improve our operations. With the LiftLiner® our internal logistics is handled in a more efficient and ergonomic way. The fact that the LiftLiner® is very compact has also enabled us to reserve more space for our production line. ”


The challenge

Webasto is a family-owned company founded 1901 in South Germany. They belong to Germany’s top 15 automotive suppliers and have around 30 manufacturing plants. In their plant in Neubrandenburg they manufacture heating systems for cars and trucks. The factory runs 3 shifts and 5 days a week. They were using a tugger train for their internal logistics but it was not ergonomic and did not have a good tracking. Hydraulics tugger trains were causing issues therefore Webasto was looking for a full electric system.

The solution

In 2017 Webasto decided to test the LiftLiner. Immediately the LiftLiner, which is one of the most compact and ergonomic tugger trains currently on the market, showed its benefits. After seeing clear improvements in terms of maneuverability, ergonomics and space efficiency Webasto ordered some LiftLiners and reordered now some more in 2020 for the same plant to further increase their efficiency.

Industry: Automotive

Size: 3,7 billion € b

Solution: LiftLiner

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