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Digital Smart Factory Open Day 19-20.4.2023

Don't miss the Digital Smart Factory Open Day!

On 19 and 20 April, our AGV integration partner Applied Integration hosts the “Digital Smart Factory Day” in cooperation with the NEEA (Northeast Automotive Alliance).

Applied Integration is opening its demonstration centre in Stokesley, North Yorkshire, UK. Find out more about the latest smart solutions that can transform and improve your intralogistics processes. Amongst other things this will include automated processes like line side feed, warehouse & stores operation, assembly, palletizing or bin picking.

Join us and learn more about these industry 4.0 technologies and the options to improve your logistics.

One highlight on that day is our AMR A-MATE® FreeLift. It will be replicating an automated pick-and-place application. It will be placing pallets on rack and taking the pallets over to the stretch wrapper.


Location: Applied Integration UK Ltd, 1-3 Ellerbeck Way, Stokesley, UK

Event time: 9:00 am
Ends around 5:00 pm

For more infos about the event visit Digital Smart Factory Day.


reduced handling costs – more efficient logistics processes – increased safety – increased turnover – less product damage – less accidents – better ergonomics – compensates skilled labour shortage – implementation of industry 4.0


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The event is open to NEAA members and industry. AM and PM session available across the two days.