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ProMatDX virtual event, 12-16.04.2021

K.Hartwall is participating in ProMatDX on April 12 with the LiftLiner product demo and on April 16 with the educational seminar "Transforming your supply chain with wheeled logistics"

With the increasing demand for speed and flexibility, companies are being forced to rethink how they handle their supply chain and logistics. One transition that many companies are considering is the move towards automation including robotics, AGV’s, and IoT within their operations.

One of the enablers to implement such automation is the effective use of wheeled load carriers. When utilized properly, wheeled load carriers combined with automation can significantly increase your operation efficiency and reduce your overall logistics costs.

With the use of concrete industry examples, we will demonstrate how the pairing of wheeled load carriers with automation and robotics can unlock a world of efficiency within your supply chain and logistics.

Key takeaways from the presentation will be concrete references on how major players handle their logistics, new ways to optimiZe your supply chain and internal logistics independently of your industry and insight in the logistics trends of 2021.

The K.Hartwall educational seminar about wheeled logistics improving the efficiency of your supply chain will be held on 16 April at 9:00-09:30 AM CDT.

We will also have a product demonstration and Q&A session about the LiftLiner our tugger train system. It only takes 15 minutes so don’t miss it. It will be on Wednesday 14 April at 1:00-1:15 PM CDT.


To register to ProMatDX event please click on the link here. The registration is FREE.

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