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Getting into Lean logistics

Companies are in a constant cycle that pushes them to improve their business in order to keep their competitive advantage. Bottom line: we all want to reduce our costs, time consumption and inventory. There are different ways to achieve this but one way that has proven through the years to improve the efficiency of an organization substantially is a supply chain design known as Lean Logistics.

It helps to identify and eliminate wasteful activities within the supply chain in order to increase both product flow and speed. Lean Logistics is a way to drive the costs down dramatically and at the same time it enables you to increase your output and therefore sales.

K. Hartwall’s Lean Modular Solution consists of modular sized wheeled load carriers, also called Dollies, and Adaptor pallets. Their use allows you to get the most efficient handling, transportation and storage of goods within and in-between factories. The Lean Solution is based on industry standard dimensions and is intended for companies who have adopted the Lean Manufacturing’’ philosophy’’ or who want to take it into use. Typically Lean logistics is used in the automotive industry and other manufacturing industries where the production and assembly of components represents the biggest part of the costs. Companies with a developed production and assembly process will benefit most from implementing K. Hartwall’s Lean Modular Solution.

Often the whole value chain of suppliers get empowered from using the Lean Modular Solution to reduce costs, find synergies, and create new opportunities as it brings a unique One-Touch-Solution for transport, storage and delivery of parts carried on Dollies and Adaptor Pallets from Tier-2 suppliers all the way to OEM’s. It creates an efficient product flow by eliminating waste in relation with for example:

  • Handling
  • Transportation
  • Inventory
  • Waiting time
  • Overproduction

But using the Lean Dollies and Adaptor Pallets does not only enables significant cost savings through the Supply chain, it also improves Quality and Safety at your facilities.

As a world leader in returnable logistics, K. Hartwall is the only company that can offer an adaptor pallet as part of its Modular Lean Solution increasing both efficiency and improving safety. Contact us today to hear how your company can benefit from it!

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