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Good year coming for Unimaq with Foldia®

Unimaq SA in Latin America is a logistics specialist who know what they are talking about. They have been on the market for 56 years and are one of the largest distributors of industrial equipment in Colombia. Unimaq’s core business is the rental of machinery and equipment. For about two years, they have been offering K. Hartwall solutions to their customers. The results are outstanding.

K. Hartwall’s modern products, like the Foldia® roll container, are bringing a totally new offering in Colombia. Therefore the impacts on the logictics chain have been significant.  Foldia® is the next generation of folding roll cage offering improved ergonomics and space efficiency. Its symmetrical design combined with its plastic base enables to place 4 folded units within the footprint of an empty one, optimizing both truck cubic efficiency and floor space utilization at the warehouse.

Although the new, innovative products might be relatively expensive to invest in, they rapidly bring returns on investment. Pablo Velez Valencia, Project Manager at Unimaq, tells about his experience of Foldia®: “The infrastructure in Colombia is very challenging from the logistics point of view. We experience quite regularly traffic jams. Therefore, well-planned and efficient logistic solutions can bring immediate savings. The right load carrier can reduce delivery times and enables substantial space savings at the store. At the DC using Foldia® roll containers instead of pallets eliminates the need to invest in forklift equipment. A triple win!”

Unimaq is constantly looking for innovative logistics solutions.

Pablo Velez Valencia continues: “We first took in a few samples from K. Hartwall. It was important for us to test the product before our customers. We could immediately see the differences to cheap copy-products and we knew we were providing the best to our customers. As we mainly work with companies using pallets, they usually have not even heard about other load carrier options. They are eager to test new products themselves and realize quickly the improvements in their processes compared to the current load carriers. As the introduction of the Foldia® roll cages has been a success, we try to keep K. Hartwall’s products in stock to make sure that our customers get the best service.”

The future looks bright for Unimaq. They hope to generalise and standardise the use of roll containers in Colombia to replace the traditional pallets. As times are tough, many Retail companies are looking for logistics solutions that lower their costs and increase their sales, like Foldia®.

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On Thursday 27 October we will host two Retail webinars to discuss the advantages of choosing the Foldia roll container over demountable roll cages.