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Introducing: The A-MATE® Counter

K. Hartwall is proud to announce the launch of the world's most compact counterbalanced AMR in its payload class.

Introducing the new counterbalanced AMR A-MATE Counter

The A-MATE® Counter is the newest addition to the growing A‑MATE® product line of K. Hartwall. As intelligent mobile robot it is designed to transport logistic units in production and logistics environments without the need for an on-board operator or driver.

This counterbalanced AMR has cantilevered forks and counterweight to handle closed pallets and lattice boxes. The exceptionally slim design makes it the world’s most compact counterbalanced AMR on the market in its payload class.

The turning radius of 2800 mm combined with the bidirectional drive allows agile movement and turning, even in tight spaces. With a powerful electric free lift it can pick up and drop off a maximum load of 1000 kg both from the floorand from shelves and conveyors up to a height of one meter (1000 mm). The load handling devices can be customized therefore offering a wide range of use cases with various transportation units.

As intelligent mobile robot it takes over standardized, repetitive tasks from employees and ensures an autonomous and reliable execution – 24 hours a day on 7 days a week. This reduces handling costs and improves the efficiency of internal logistics. It also compensates the shortage of skilled workers and frees up the capacities of existing employees so they can tend to more demanding tasks.

Key features and benefits at a glance:

  • Compact and robust design for tight spaces and demanding environments
  • Bidirectional drive
  • 360° safety
  • Long lasting Li-Ion battery
  • Equipped with the latest intelligent software and natural navigation technology
  • Powerful electric free lift of 1 tonne up to 1 meter
  • Transports closed pallets and load carriers
  • Customized load handling devices

This new counterbalanced AMR helps plant managers in the transition to a partial or fully automated operation, ultimately paving the way for industry 4.0.

For more information on the A-MATE® Counter click here.

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