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Total Cost of Ownership is Rossmann Czech Republic’s way of thinking

“We have been working with K.Hartwall for 12 years and the principal reason for this long-term partnership is the honest relationship, true support and very good quality of the products.”

Dirk Rossmann GmbH is Germany’s second largest drug store chain with over 4,000 stores across Europe. Rossmann was founded in 1972 and now also operates in Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Kosovo, Albania and Turkey.

Rossmann Czech Republic entered the market in 1994 and now has over 900 employees, more than 140 stores and a total fleet of 7000 units. Here are a few questions K.Hartwall asked them:

Why did you choose K.Hartwall?
“Rossmann really believe in Total Cost of Ownership. We do not want equipment that will only last a couple of years, that is why we use K.Hartwall products. We still have some 1000 K.Hartwall units from February 2008 that are in daily use and in decent shape.

“If further proof were needed you can see the production serial number 0208 in the photo means February 2008!“ explains Tomas Pimpara, Head of Logistic Department.

Why are you using Roll Containers and what are the benefits?
“Roll Containers help us cut down handling costs in stores. This is a huge benefit when you calculate how many stores and employees we have. Also, better utilization of trucks has decreased transportation costs. 4-sided roll containers have generated big savings in stretch foil and wrapping time. We have less plastic and less waste which is great for our environmental agenda. We have also decreased the number of pallet trucks we use and move roll containers by hand for picking and packing in the warehouse”, adds Tomas Pimpara, Head of Logistic Department .

K.Hartwall 4-sided A-frame Compactainer® roll cage with a fixed shelf
With our robust sandwich wheels, the 4-sided Compactainer® equipped with a gravity latch and a fixed shelf has been proved to be the best suitable choice, especially for deliveries to drug stores, where most of the products are of high value and lot of hand picking is required. Also, special boxes for picking by piece fit perfectly on the base of the Compactainer where you can maximize the roll container utilization by putting two pieces side by side.

K.Hartwall, a reliable partner to create value
Through our history at K.Hartwall we have gained many customers and we care for each of them. The “rule” is simple. When we start doing business with a company our goal is a long-term partnership with a high level of collaboration. One excellent example is the 12-year partnership with Rossmann Czech Republic.

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