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We help Dixy develop their business in Russia

Dixy is one of the largest Russian retailers and the 30th largest private company in Russia. They constantly expand the scale of their business by launching new projects and needed a trustworthy partner they could count on.

Dixy is one of the largest Russian retailers and the 30th largest private company in Russia. For almost 30 years, the company has been a stable player on the market, engaged in retail trade of food and consumer goods.

The group includes retail chains of various formats such as Dixy discounters, Victoria and Megamart supermarkets. The company stores and distribution centers are in the Central, North-Western and Ural Federal districts, as well as in Kaliningrad and the Kaliningrad Region. In total, about 40,000 employees work for Dixy. The company owns 2,500 stores and has a turnover of 6 billion Euros.

Dixy is constantly expanding the scale of its business and launching new projects. This helps the company respond to the challenges of the modern economy and maintain its leading position on the market.

Dixy started doing business with K.Hartwall in 2008. They were satisfied with the quality and after two years decided to place a new order. In 2012 they decided to purchase roll cages from competitors as the management decided to buy from different domestic suppliers. Each time it resulted in Dixy going back to K.Hartwall because the equipment was not strong enough to withstand the hard use and heavy loads.

In 2014 Dixy bought roll containers with plastic base from another supplier – the result was bad as most of containers got broken under the first year of use.

In 2019, noticing that the roll containers purchased in 2008 and 2012 from K.Hartwall were still in great shape, Dixy contacted us again. After several meetings, new samples were sent for testing and a new deal was signed. Dixy realised that they needed to buy high quality from a business partner they could trust when their business is rising.

15,000 roll cages were shipped to 4 distribution centers in Moscow, Moscow region and Saint-Petersburg. Customs clearance was perfectly organized and almost all goods were customs cleared on a day-to-day basis. We also made sure that each distribution center was informed about the delivery date and time in advance. We were also flexible when we were asked to change delivery site, time schedule and we organised on-site trainings to educate the employees-

As a result, Dixy was fully satisfied with our service and  products. Dixy’s business is growing this year and they are opening a new distribution center in Moscow. We are sure that we can help them to develop further by being their partner in the future.

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