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UPDATE – K.Hartwall response to COVID-19 pandemic

K.Hartwall got directly impacted by the current pandemic as company Board member and earlier CEO John Hartwall has peacefully passed away this week after a short but aggressive illness caused by the COVID-19 disease.

K.Hartwall CEO Jerker Hartwall has also contracted COVID-19 but is doing well given the circumstances and recovers at home in quarantine.

We want to ensure all our customers, suppliers, partners and other stakeholders that none of those fallen ill have been in the premises of K.Hartwall after contracting the virus. As a safety precaution, suppliers and maintenance personnel to our premises must complete a Visits approval form before being allowed to visit. Our factory in Söderkulla is running normally and to preserve the safety of the workers in the factory we have also organised, wherever possible, that office employees are working from home to limit human contact to its minimum and respect social distancing as instructed by the Finnish government.

Despite the immense sadness and the difficult circumstances K.Hartwall Group is doing its outmost to keep the business running as normally as possible. We know that this would have been the wish of John Hartwall. Executive Vice President Eero Heinonen is temporary responsible for the company operations.

All our production facilities in the different countries are still operating at normal speed and deliveries are going out normally. In case there would be any changes to your delivery, you will be informed separately by your dedicated sales person or Market Services.

In case you are no longer able to accept deliveries at your premises due to your local restrictions, we strongly ask you to inform us as soon as possible.

If you have any questions or may require any assistance with the increased demand on your supply chain please contact your local sales person or send us an email to

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