Add-on door Flex

Say goodbye to shrink-wrapping!

The Add-on door Flex is the easiest and most sustainable solution to transform your existing fleet of 2-sided roll container into a 4-sided load  carrier. It eliminates the need for shrink wrapping, which reduces both handling times and costs of secondary packages and shrinkage. Can be attached to the roll cage with plastic hooks or velcros.

The 1270mm model fits 1550-1675 mm high roll containers.

The 1450mm model fits 1675-1850 mm high roll containers.

Designed for following uses and industries

Dimensions1270/1450 x 900 mm
includes two metal bars on the side
Unit tare weight 1,2 kg
MaterialNATO mesh
Fixing4 velcros
Closure2 straps or 2 velcros
Maximum working load 450 kg
Compatibility Suitable for Compactainer and Foldia Roll cages
Temperature range -30 to +70°C

Key benefits

  • Eco friendly: eliminates the need for shrink-wrapping
  • Sustainable solution compare to costly and time-consuming shrink foil
  • Space efficient in small aisles or backrooms
  • Lightest 4-sided roll container on the market
  • Easier identification and branding
  • Reusable solution with long life span