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K.Hartwall SmartShelf® for Compactainer® and Foldia®

Need a shelf on your fleet of roll containers? Easy to adjust, K.Hartwall SmartShelf® is attached to one side of the roll container and can be adjusted up and down to accommodate multiple package sorts and sizes. It is easy to retrofit on your roll container and thanks to the stop buffer, it can’t be removed or stolen once in place. The K.Hartwall SmartShelf® is available for various Compactainer® and Foldia® widths.

  • Retail
  • Automotive
  • Postal & Parcel
  • Industrial logistics
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K.Hartwall SmartShelf® for Compactainer® and Foldia®

K.Hartwall SmartShelf® for Compactainer® and Foldia®

Technical specification

Available for664 mm Compactainer® 704 mm Compactainer® and Foldia® 760 mm Compactainer® 680 mm for Foldia® and folding RC
Unit tare weight3,3 kg
Safe working load150 kg
Units per 13,6 m trailer4290

Key benefits

  • No lost shelves
  • Optimised cubic fill
  • Easy to retrofit to existing fleet
  • Ergonomic and easy to handle
  • Simple construction for easy maintenance
  • High ROI

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On Thursday 27 October we will host two Retail webinars to discuss the advantages of choosing the Foldia roll container over demountable roll cages.