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Lean CarryMore® E-frame System

The CarryMore® E-frame system is made of two types of carts: the Mother and the Daughter unit. By using the CarryMore® solution you can increase significantly your productivity by reducing the need for multiple trips from a dock or warehouse to the line with materials. The Daughter unit is released by simply pressing a foot pedal placed on the Mother unit. The patented loading system lifts the Daughter units and their castors fully from the ground ensuring your employee safety, reducing castor wear & noise and saving you money and time.

  • Retail
  • Automotive
  • Postal & Parcel
  • Industrial logistics
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Lean CarryMore® E-frame System

Technical specification

Platform size1200 x 800 mm
External dimensions2549 x 1091 x 380 mm
Tare weight200 kg
Steering systemCenter-steer: 2 fixed center and spring loaded swivel wheels at front and back
WheelsHigh payload polyurethane wheels
Working load capacity at 8 km/hWheels1000 kg
Working load capacity at 11 km/h1000 kg
Working load capacity at 16 km/h850 kg
Surface treatmentPowder coating
Train configurationUp to 5-6 units per Mother Unit

Key benefits

  • Eliminate the need for forklifts and reduce the risk of accidents in manufacturing and assembly lines
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Reduce overall operator costs
  • Require only one operator making multiple deliveries on one route trip
  • Enable to carry smaller and kitted loads in the same trains
  • Faster delivery rates – takes seconds to unload

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