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Sustainable load carriers

We at K.Hartwall have more than 90 years experience in the design and innovation of logistics solutions and are a global player in the load carrier market

Our load carriers include
  • nestable and foldable roll cages
  • foldable cages
  • metal and plastic dollies
  • adaptor pallets
  • shelf wagons and daugther carts
  • elephantboard®

Our sustainable solutions are designed and tested at our own Innovation Centre in Finland allowing us to guarantee
consistent and high quality.

Reduce handling time and costs

Increase cubic fill

Reduce product damage and shrink wrapping

Improve ergonomics and Health & Safety

Roll cages

Our wide range of space-efficient roll containers exists as 2-, 3- and 4-sided versions with different frame options.

Choose between a foldable solution like the Foldia® or a nestable model such as the Compactainer® depending on your needs and reduce drastically your handling costs both in the warehouse or in the last mile delivery.

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Foldable cages

Our foldable and stackable cage solutions enable to transport more goods than air. They also are designed with ergonomics in focus so that loading and unloading is easy and safe.

For example the mesh-structure of the SmartCube® guarantees excellent product visibility reducing the number of delivery errors. Our foldable cages are very low maintenance and ensure close to zero product damage.


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Eurodolly Euro Dolly

Metal and plastic dollies

Choose between metal and plastic dollies in various sizes to carry your plastic crates, trays as well as SLC’s. Our dollies are  available with different wheel sizes and types and can carry from 250 to 500 kg.

The Eurodolly, for example, is ideal for storing, transporting and displaying products as it is easily rolled into the point of sales for fast product replenishment and display promotions.

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Adaptor pallets

Our adaptor pallets ensure the safe and easy transport of our dollies. They can carry different combinations of dollies.

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K.Hartwall elephantboard with three levels

Shelf wagons and elephantboards®

Our elephantboard® and shelf wagon are multipurpose load carriers.

Choose between light, but robust, plastic or metal shelves. They are available in different footprints, heights and shelf combinations to meet individual needs.


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Our wide range of beverage trays helps you minimize manual handling – no more expensive shelving of bottles in the shop! They ensure One Touch Merchandising from the bottler to the shop and reduces waste in the process.

They also offers optimum product visibility for both single bottles, cans and multi-pack solutions. Here is for example our Combo tray for multiple size bottles.

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Increase your efficiency further with our tugger train and AGV solutions

Customer success stories

INEX optimises its supply chain with Foldia®

Check in this short video to see how Foldia roll cage helps you optimize the efficiency at each step of your supply chain. The movie is filmed at Inex Partners automated logistics centre in Sipoo and at one of their stores. It shows how Foldia can be used both manually or on automated conveyor belts.

Watch this video on YouTube
The 4-sided Compactainer in use at Metro Romania

METRO Romania eliminates stretch foil using the Compactainer®

The 2-sided Compactainer nestable roll cage equipped with metal add-on doors enables Metro Romania to eliminate an impressive 130 tonnes of stretch foil annually and helps them reduce drastically product damages.

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CASTORAMA Poland further enhance their logistics with the SmartCube® Light

By using both the foldable cages, SmartCube® Light and SmartCube® Jumbo, Castorama achieved faster & more ergonomic picking, reduced product damage, minimized stretch foil consumption and higher vehicle cubic fill.

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THK reduces manual handling steps by using the K.Hartwall Lean dollies & adaptor pallets

THK Rhythm Automotive manages to eliminate unnecessary manual handlings such as the reloading of boxes from pallets to carts by using the K.Hartwall Lean Dollies and Adaptor pallets. They are now trialing a Lean Pallet size dolly for further efficiency.

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