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Passionate about your supply chain efficiency

  • The Value Analysis Tool enables you to take a decision about the optimal load carrier based on facts
  • Our leasing Services offer flexibility and reduce your CAPEX
  • The Repair Data System help you understand your total costs

K. Hartwall asset management

Optimal usage of assets in your daily logistics operations is crucial. Financial impact vary from loss of assets to unnecessarily tied capital and operational disturbances. The starting point to optimal usage is to know how many assets are in use, where they are and where they would need to be. We believe we can help you with this challenge. We have implemented several trials with our customers. Also, we are working in the forefront of future tracking technologies to provide cost efficient tracking of the whole fleet.

The real business benefits are achieved when tracking is combined with asset management system that supports proactive planning and actions to optimise the fleet utilisation.

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K. Hartwall Value Analysis

K. Hartwall Value Analysis aims to define the optimal load carrier for a supply chain.

The study is done in close co-operation with  you to ensure the transparency and reliability of the results.

  • Get insights to logistics pain points and improvement areas in the whole supply chain.
  • The result is a Recommendation and Business case calculation of an alternative load carrier solution.

K. Hartwall Repair Data System

K. Hartwall Repair Data System helps the user to understand and minimize total cost of ownership of used load carriers. It is a turn-key solution for easy gathering and real-time access to repair data, enabling planning and managing of repair resources and spare parts. The increased visibility to operations can provide information regarding e.g. repair efficiency, unit handling and quality differences between unit batches.

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