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K.Hartwall Value Analysis


Insights to logistic pain points and improvement areas in the whole supply chain

Recommendation and Business case calculation of an alternative load carrier solution

Best practice information from industry expert

How it works

Value study process starts with preparations and ends in meeting where results are presented and next steps are agreed







1-3 weeks

Process observation and data collection

Collecting the key development needs

Observing the supply chain

Collecting data

Pictures, interviews

2-5 days

Analysis and calculations for selected units

Process analysis

Input information from Customer / observation tour

Process changes

K. Hartwall Analysis Tool

2-10 days

Report presentation

Analysis of key improvement areas and process steps

Business case calculations

Other benefits

0,5 day


Results of the Value Study include key observations, improvement areas and business case for the recommended solution

Current process observations

Presentation of suggested solutions

Key benefits of suggested solutions

Recommended solution, business case calculations, payback time

Customer benefits

Annual savings and investment payback time are presented

Annual total opportunity

Current annual costs are compared to estimated costs of selected carrier alternatives with K. Hartwall bespoke calculation tool.

ROI and payback time

Needed investment to new equipment is estimated and ROI, NPV and payback times are calculated.

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Ville Hintsala

Business Development Manager

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From the blog

The challenge of improving Supply Chain performance is that it is often measured separately in sub-processes and the impact of minor-looking changes on the logistics total cost is nobody’s responsibility. In the worst case you can implement new development projects where the performance is improved in one area, but in the wider Supply Chain, this ...

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