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Get the most out of your load carriers with Visimore®

Take control of your assets

Visimore® is a truly new way to proactively manage the assets in your supply chain. It provides KPI’s that ensure optimal usage of your load carriers to drive up performance. This solution has been designed to be configurable to meet your business requirements with the least amount of disruption to your current operations. It will provide high definition visibility of your assets while simultaneously collecting valuable supply chain information.

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Visimore offers unmatched benefits

Visimore® uses a combination of the most appropriate sensor technologies to gather critical data to drive performance improvements related to your investment in load carriers. As sensor technology evolves Visimore® can be configured to use a single or multiple technologies (IoT) as required.

This flexibility allows companies to migrate from a volume based method of managing their assets to a serialized method, thus significantly increasing the quality and value of the data.

Value for our Visimore® customers

  • Get the most out of your load carrier investment
  • Gather valuable supply chain data
  • Secure operations by minimising asset out of stock
  • Optimise your fleet size
  • Increase utilisation rate

“The infrastructure costs are low compared to other technologies. All postal operators, and actually any operator with load carriers are struggling with the same challenge and nobody has solved that economically so far. ”

Asset Manager Lasse Mattsson at Posti

How Visimore works

Want to know more?

Interested in hearing how Visimore® can help your business and make your logistics operate even more efficiently?


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