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CC Pack

“The PackBox makes life easier both when packing in production and when transporting products to our customers. Today, we use the cage for 50% of our products but would like to expand it to more customers. ”

CC Pack

The challenge

The production pace at CC Pack is very high, which means that the staff who pack the products have a high workload. When the company started, cardboard boxes and wooden pallets were used as load carriers. They were both unhygienic and stressful to the staff and customers who loaded and unloaded the products.Therefore CC Pack started to look for a new load carrier.

The solution

The K. Hartwall Packbox found out to be the perfect solution as it meets many requirements of CC Pack. It is easier to use than the old load carriers and most important it meets all the requirements on hygiene standards for handling in food-related items. It also enables safe double stacking, which helps CC Pack to save on storage and transport costs.

Industry: Packaging

Size: 17 million €

Solution: PackBox foldable cage

CC packbox in use

Products used