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A-MATE® Counter

Introducing the new counterbalanced AMR A-MATE Counter

The most compact counterbalanced AMR

A-MATE® Counter

With the newest addition to the A-MATE® product family, users benefit from a fully electric mobile robot that has cantilevered forks and counterweight to move various load carriers like pallets or lattice boxes.


✓    Compact design
✓    Bidirectional drive
✓    Powerful electric free lift
✓    Customized load handling devices
✓    Pallet detection
✓    Minimal maintenance costs


A-MATE Counter pallet handling with cantilevered forks


  • Compact design for agile moving and turning in tight spaces
  • Cantilevered forks and counterweight to transport pallets and lattice boxes
  • Long lasting Li-Ion batteries
  • Powerful electric free lift
  • Low maintenance costs

Speed & Accuracy

  • Bidirectional drive
  • Latest intelligent AMR software
  • Natural navigation technology
  • Pallet detection


  • Emergency stop buttons
  • 360° safety scanning
  • Visual signals / clear light indicators

Space Efficiency

  • Bidirectional drive for agile movements
  • Slim design makes it the most compact counterbalanced AMR in its payload class
  • Minimal operational space and aisle widths required

A-MATE Counter can handle closed pallets due to cantilevered forks

Powerful Free Lift

  • Powered by electricity
  • Lifting weight up to 1000 kg and height of 1 meter
  • A-MATE® Counter can handle units from the floor and from conveyor belts that were manually dropped off
  • Li-Ion batteries ensure long operating hours with minimal charging times

Counterbalanced AMR A-MATE Counter from K.Hartwall


The A-MATE® automates product flows in demanding environments such as factories, warehouses and sorting centers.


To work reliably in a constantly chaning environment, the A-MATE® Counter is equipped with:

  • the latest intelligent AMR software
  • natural navigation technology
  • a smart pallet detection feature to pick up manually dropped off load units like Euro-size pallets, from the floor, shelf or dolly

AGV safety with reliable scanners

360° safety

  • Continuous safety scanning, speed adjustment and obstacle avoidance
  • Clear light indicators for each operation, improving the interaction in a human environment
  • Emergency stop buttons are visible and accessible at any moment
  • Detection sensors and emergency stop switches in the fork tips
  • Emergency brakes
  • An easy-to-use HMI (Human Machine Interface) touch screen

counterbalanced AMR A-MATE Counter transports closed pallets

Extremly Low Maintenance Costs

  • maintenance-friendly design
  • brushless electric drives
  • no hydraulics
  • carry-over parts in the A-MATE® product family


Our new counterbalanced AMR helps plant managers in the transition to a partial or fully automated operation, ultimately paving the way for industry 4.0.

Technical specification

Drive concept Bidirectional drive
Type Lifting fork
Driving speed 6.48 km/h or 1.8 m/s
Max. lifting height / max. shelf height 1100 mm / 1000 mm
Load capacity 1000 kg
Height 1915 mm
Width 824 mm
Length 2130 mm
Fork dimensions DIN ISO 2331 60/80/1200 mm
Fork carriage width 615 mm
Turning circle 3000 mm
Ground clearance 25 mm
Unit tare weight 2022 kg
Lift load carriers such as pallets, lattice boxes, roll cages, foldable cages

Selection of compatible products

3-sided Foldia®


2 sided A-frame Compactainer®

Lean Adaptor Pallet

Lean Pallet Size Dolly

Talk to the expert

Daniel Knopp Sales Manager Automation at K.Hartwall

Daniel Knopp

Sales Director AGV/AMR

+49 173 2176597

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