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LiftLiner® RC

compact and agile design of the LiftLiner RC

LiftLiner® RC tugger train

For efficient order-picking and internal logistics


The LiftLiner® RC is the first tugger train on the market that transports a wide range of roll containers as well as dollies.

  • Carries up to 8 roll cages or dollies
  • Extremely compact design
  • Very good tracking accuracy
  • Loading and unloading from both sides
  • Enables a forklift free production environment
  • Safe, ergonomic and user-friendly load carrier handling

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LiftLiner RC tugger train

Benefits of the LiftLiner® RC

Improve your internal logistics

  • Reduces manual handling and handling costs
  • Implements a forklift free production environment
  • Eliminates time consuming sequencing
  • Reduces overall operating costs
  • Creates the fastest and most efficient routes through the facility
  • Streamlines Retail, E-Commerce as well as Parcel & Postal operations

Rollcage unloading LiftLiner RC

Innovative tugger train technology

  • Transports two roll cages or dollies per mother cart
  • Handles up to 500 kg per loading bay
  • Loading and unloading from both sides
  • Rooftop shape for easy and efficient handling process
  • Innovative tilting technology for safe and ergonomic use
  • Individual loading/unloading programs

customizable loading bays of the LiftLiner RC

Compatible with a wide range of roll cages and dollies

The LiftLiner® RC can transport up to 8 roll cages thus reducing the manual handling of already existing fleets.


Basic roll container dimensions:

  • Minimum width: 600 mm
  • Minimum length: 700 mm
  • Maximum width: 800 mm (without collision protection)
  • Maximum length: 860 mm

Please contact us for detailed information and an individual compatibility check!

Technical specification

A LiftLiner® RC consists of one pair of 2 mother carts. Each mother cart carries two daughter carts.

Max. load per mother cart1000 kg
Max. load per loading bay500 kg
Height lowered / lifted487.5 / 547.5
Lifting range60 mm
LiftLiner width1019 mm
LiftLiner length per cart2088 mm
Max. train speed 1 LiftLiner RC10 km/h
Max. train speed 2 LiftLiner RC8 km/h
U turn radius with 2 LiftLiner RC4500 mm
Ground clearance0/60 mm
Maximum length of train2 LiftLiner® RC

Selection of compatible products

2-sided A-frame nestable Compactainer®

2-sided Foldia®

Security Compatcatiner®

Talk to the expert

Sebastian Witte, Global Product Owner LiftLiner tugger trains at K.Hartwall

Sebastian Witte

Product Owner, LiftLiner

+49 176 7671 5460

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