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We add value throughout the Supply Chain


Combining logistics and merchandising

Today’s consumers are increasingly connected and demand a mixture of always-available products. Retailers all over the world are in a race to adapt their supply chains to these more frequent and diverse deliveries, while maintaining the efficiency of bulk deliveries to a mixed portfolio of store formats.

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Lean Logistics: transport systems in the automotive industry with load carrier from K. Hartwall


Keep things rolling with Lean logistics

For the automotive industry, lean manufacturing means making sure that the right component quantities get to the right place at the right time.

Whether you are an OEM or a sub-supplier, changing from pallets to wheels is the most important decision when deploying lean logistics.

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foldable parcel cage in sorting center

Postal & Parcel

The next generation of parcel logistics

Parcel volumes are increasing, as is the pressure to cut operational costs when handling letters, parcels and 3PL operations. We have compiled all of our accumulated know-how and experience to come up with the next generation of postal logistics.

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LiftLiner in Söderkulla plant

Industrial logistics

Best-fit solution for your industrial logistics

Are you looking for more efficient ways to handle and store your components and WIP between your production process steps? Does your new automation require new types of load carriers in order to enable smoother operations?

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