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Schneider Electric

“Schneider Electric was looking for a robust and sustainable delivery solution to eradicate damage for one of the most sensitive customer segment. K. Hartwall took the time to understand our situation and has increased our customer satisfaction and loyalty by avoiding disruption in their processes due to shortage of the needed goods. ”

Schneider Electric

The challenge

Schneider Electric France delivers numerous goods every day. One of the biggest challenge for the company was the high rate of product damage during transport. Along with the truck fill not been optimal due to the amount of items of different shape and size.

The solution

The BigBox foldable cage offers a safe way to transport both large and fragile goods. Also it optimizes the conditioning, loading and unloading of the goods and at the same time improve the process at the dispatch area. All in all it is a more sustainable solution than the expensive and disposable cardboards, plastic foils and pallets previously used. It’s not for nothing that Schneider Electric is calling them “Green Cots”.

Industry: Industrial logistics

Size: 27 billion €

Solution: BigBox

Products used

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