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Efficient tugger train logistics solutions

Increased efficiency

The combination of speed, optimal length, fast operation and load handling from both sides makes the LiftLiner product family the most efficient tugger trains on the market.

Maximum flexibility

The LiftLiner tugger trains work perfectly with different trolley, roll cage or dolly sizes and can be loaded and unloaded from both sides, thus making sequencing redundant.

Superior agility

The compact design and unique crossbar coupling system of the LiftLiner provide excellent maneuverability and tracking even in tight spaces.

Loaded LiftLiner tugger train in driving position containing elephantboard shelf wagons

Streamlining your logistics process

Our LiftLiner® product family is a compact tugger train solution for internal logistics and an excellent choice for forklift-free environments.


You avoid the complexities of sequencing deliveries to the production line in advance which maximises the flexibility you need for efficient deliveries to your production line.


Loading of different sizes of K.Hartwall carts on both sides without the need to modify the LiftLiner® truly enables a streamlined logistics process.

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The most innovative tugger trains on the market

Our LiftLiner® tugger trains are highly efficient solutions as their innovative design saves you space, time and money.

You can chose from two models – whatever fits your operation best:


transports various load carriers in multiple sizes.


Download the product flyer here.

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LiftLiner® RC

transports up to eight roll cages or dollies.


Download the product flyer here.

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small tugger train turning radius with the LiftLiner from K.Hartwall

The space savers in your operation

The compact design of the LiftLiner® solutions makes them the shortest and most compact tugger trains on the market.


They require no additional space than the load they carry and also impress with a tight and precise turning radius. The agile manoeuvrability is also suited for driving on slopes and outdoor operations. All of this is made possible by the unique and patented steering system.


Download our tugger train brochure for more info’s!

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innovative design of the LiftLiner tugger train allows a safe and ergonomic loading and unloading

Safe and easy load handling

Handling heavy loads is safe, ergonomic and easy with the innovative design of our LiftLiner® solutions. The special tilting technology and rooftop shape make the loading and unloading process highly operator friendly.


It only takes a few seconds to lift up loads and be ready to continue the route. Lean Logistics has never been easier!

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Customer Success Stories

Posti in Finland is using the LiftLiner tugger train as well as foldable cages for the internal tranport of odd-size and large parcels.

LiftLiner® tugger train at Posti
Posti Finland implemented our LiftLiner® tugger train to streamline their parcel operations and reduce heavy forklift traffic. This not only increases the efficiency of their parcel operation, but also reduces safety hazards for their employees.

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ZF is using our LiftLiner tugger train in combination with an AGV to ensure an automated transport within their facility - even outdoors

LiftLiner® combined with an AGV tugger at ZF
ZF in Stará Boleslav uses our LiftLiner® tugger train with an AGV tugger to optimise the internal material transport. The train drives autonomously to the various drop off stations and stops automatically at the designated area.

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Parvalux is using the LiftLiner tugger train and load carriers from K.Hartwall in their new facility and ensures an efficient order picking and material transport.

LiftLiner® green field application at Parvalux
Parvalux uses K.Hartwall load carriers as well as the LiftLiner® tugger train at their new plant in Poole. The implemented milk run increases the efficiency, reliability and safety of the internal material transport.

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LiftLiner tugger train and Lean load carrier solutions in use at Bosch Rexroth in Slovenia

Flexible & modular material flow at Bosch Rexroth
Bosch Rexroth in Brnik uses our load carriers, Taxiliner and LiftLiner®. Through that modular and versatile product combination, we meet their demands to transport products of 0.5 up to 250 kg and ensure an efficient, safe and user-friendly intralogistics.

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