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Develop load carriers to support automation

Make your production flow lean

Transport efficiently between production facilities

Decrease handling costs

Are you looking for more efficient ways to handle and store your components and WIP between your production process steps? Is your new automation requiring new type of load carriers to enable smoother operations?

Thanks to our long experience in logistics equipment for different industries we understand your specific requirements and propose solutions that fulfil your needs. Our products are used for example in automatic storing of tyre moulds as well as for the transportation of window panes between production facilities. What is your need?

industrial logistics solutions

Industrial manufacturing

Our products can support your smooth and lean production flow as well as efficient warehousing of components, work-in-process (WIP) and end products.They also fulfil critical needs regarding automation compliance.

Suitable products & solutions

industrial logistics solutions for space efficiency


Are you looking for effective solutions to support your recycling operations?
We have industry standard solutions for e.g. electronic waste which are both time- and space saving.

Suitable products & solutions

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Eero Heinonen Executive Vice President at K.Hartwall

Eero Heinonen

Executive Vice President

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Typically each year 10-20% of the fleet total value goes into repair & maintenance operations, meaning sometimes hundreds of thousands of euros spent per annum. By gathering data across all maintenance sites and carefully analyzing your repair activities, you are much better able to understand the actual costs of your fleet upkeep, budget resources and ...