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LiftLiner® tugger train

Loaded LiftLiner tugger train in driving position containing elephantboard shelf wagons

Fully electric logistics solution

LiftLiner® tugger train

The LiftLiner® is a unique tugger train solution for internal logistics and an excellent choice for forklift-free environments.


Loading and unloading from both sides

With the LiftLiner® you avoid the complexities of sequencing deliveries to the production line in advance. Loading of different sizes of K.Hartwall carts from both sides without the need to modify the LiftLiner truly enables a streamlined logistics process.

Thanks to its compact design, the LiftLiner is the shortest tugger train on the market

Its compact design make it the shortest tugger train on the market and ensure that you minimize the space needed for production logistics significantly.


The special tilting technology makes the loading and unloading process highly operator friendly.


It only takes 3 seconds to lift up to 1000 kg and be ready to continue the route. Lean logistics has never been easier.


  • Retail
  • Automotive
  • Postal & Parcel
  • Industrial logistics

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With our LiftLiner tugger train you can say goodbye to forklifts

Say goodbye to forklifts

Benefits of the LiftLiner® tugger train

  • Reduce handling time and costs
  • Improve Health & Safety for your employees
  • Increase the efficiency of your operation
  • Ensure an optimal utilization of capacities
  • Implement a partial automated operation

Innovative crossbar coupling system of the LiftLiner tugger train

Innovative coupling system

Space-efficient & agile

With a length (ISO or EURO) of 9.600 mm our LiftLiner® is the shortest tugger train on the market. To achieve that we developed an innovative crossbar coupling system that has generates an excellent tracking and reduces the U-turn radius of 3 LiftLiners to 4.500 mm resulting in

  • Less required space for transportation
  • Space-saving for your production
  • Less walking and handling time for the operator

K.Hartwall LiftLiner tugger train

Efficient order-picking

No more sequencing

The frames of our tugger train solution are designed for efficient load carrier handling. This means:

  • Loading and unloading from both sides
  • No need to U-turn
  • Most efficient routes through your facility
  • Easy handling of heavy loads up to 1 tonne
  • Less waiting times
  • Less accidents

innovative design of the LiftLiner tugger train allows a safe and ergonomic loading and unloading

Ergonomic load handling

Improved Health & Safety

The innovative construction of the frame and the tilting mechanism create a safe load handling environment:

  • Load tilts toward the operator when unloading
  • Daughter Cart wheels turn automatically in rolling direction when tilting
  • Ergonomic and safe loading thanks to the rooftop shape of the frame
  • Coupling prevents walk-through between mother carts
  • Train doesn’t move if the carts are not locked
  • Smooth rounded corners of the carts minimizes the risk of injuries


Efficient milk run with the LiftLiner tugger train makes sequencing redundant

Increase efficiency

Flexible milk run system

The LiftLiner® tugger train carries multiple cart sizes without losing train capacity and is compatible with all standard tuggers.

Instead of using multiple forklifts and personnel you can create an efficient milkrun and fight against labour shortage.

Successful LiftLiner operation at Posti in Finland

LiftLiner® at Posti Finland

Success story

Posti Finland implemented our LiftLiner® to streamline their parcel operations. The heavy forklift traffic can be a safety hazard. By replacing up to 6 forklifts with one tugger train solution it reduces this risk as well as floor congestion. On top of that in increases the efficiency of the parcel operation.


Watch the full video on youtube and find out more about the successful implementation.

Watch the video on YouTube

Technical specifications

One LiftLiner® consists of two loading bays (1 pair). Each loading bay carries one daughter cart or elephantboard®.

Max. load per loading bay1000 kg
Max. train length4 LiftLiner® pairs
Length3200 mm
Width1000 mm
Tare weight350 kg
Max. train speed with 3 LiftLiner®8 km/h
U-turn width with 3 Liftliner®4500 mm
Ground clearance0/60 mm
Maximum slope10 %
Coupling systemCrossbar system