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Headquarters and innovation center Söderkulla, Finland

K.Hartwall – The driving force in logistics

Logistics is entering a transformative phase in which the speed of innovation will increase and handling volumes will grow exponentially.

Key industry trends such as robotics and automation, prediction enabled through IoT and data analytics and increased demand for sustainable solutions will shape the way forward for logistics in all industries.

At K.Hartwall we strive to create future-fit logistics solutions that answer the needs of our customers and bolsters their industry development. Over the years, we have become specialized in smart logistics solutions for the retail, post and parcel and automotive industries.

K.Hartwall is the driving force in logistics.



Become the driving force in logistics


Support our customers to be the best in their industry today and tomorrow

Brand promise

Logistic efficiency through innovation

K. Hartwall's Global Delivery Network

1. Flexibility and delivery capability worldwide

thanks to our own leading factory in Finland and certified partnered production units in Central Europe and Asia

2. Consistent quality and superior lead times

regardless of product type or your location thanks to our global production network. Our best-in-class Quality Assurance process is valid and in use at all K.Hartwall and partnered production units

3. Innovative and proven design

thanks to our K.Hartwall Innovation Centre in Finland, with state-of-the-art product development and testing facilities.


  • New Zealand
    Retailquip New Zealand, David Xu
    Unit H,333 East Tamaki Road
    Otara AKL, 2013
    Tel. +64 276 412 800

  • K.Hartwall Agents Inc

  • John Webb
    820 King Estates Ct
    Roswell, Georgia 30075

  • Mexico Automotive
    Dycsa S.A., Volcán Quinceo No.6262
    Colli Urbano, C.P. 45070
    Zapopan, Jal.
    Tel. +52 33 3620 7661

  • Mexico Retail
    Global Park – Bodegas 60 y 70
    Carretera Estatal 200, Km 16. El Marqués, Querétaro
    Tel. +52 1 (442) 173 1693

  • Colombia
    Unimaq s.a.
    Luis Guillermo Sanchez
    Calle 13 # 68 A - 45, Bogotá
    Tel. +57 1 4824284

  • Ecuador
    Marcelo Paredes
    Av. Luis Felipe Compuzano y 3er. Pasaje 32 NO
    Complejo de Bodegas La Carlota #12 - #13
    Tel. +593 2 604 0893

  • Peru
    Perualltrack, Eduardo Banich
    Calle Corpancho 180 Of.404C
    Barranco, Lima
    Tel. +51 99790 9824

  • South Africa
    One Touch Solutions
    H1 Tillbury Business Park
    1030 16th Rd, Randjespark, Midrand 1685
    Tel. +27 84 600 6999
    Fax. +27 21 421 2446

  • Australia
    Retailquip Pty Ltd
    Unit 3/133 South Pine Road, Brendale
    Queensland 4500
    Tel. +61 1300 011 555
    Fax. +61 7 3881 0444

  • K.Hartwall (Suzhou) Trading Co. Ltd
    Block 5, #508, No. 5 Xing Han Street
    Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou,
    Jiangsu Province, P.R. China 215021
    Tel. +86 512 8718 2759

  • K.Hartwall Sales Office, Czech Republic
    Masarykovo náměsti 9
    593 01 Bystřice nad Pernštejnem

    Tel. +420 566 521 261
    Fax. +420 566 521 304

  • Sweden
    Lagga 220
    741 93 Knivsta

    Sales Manager, Scandinavia
    Michael Jonsson
    +46 70 231 31 67

  • K.Hartwall Sales Office, Denmark
    Havnegade 9, 1
    5500 Middelfart

    Tel. +45 63 41 20 44
    Fax. +45 63 41 31 44

  • K.Hartwall Sales Office, UK
    04 Park Square
    Thorncliffe Park, Chapeltown
    Sheffield S35 2PH
    Tel. +44 (0) 114 257 3630

  • The Netherlands & Belgium
    Sleutelbloem 3
    4741JD Hoeven
    The Netherlands
    Tel. +31 6 2506 7690

  • K.Hartwall GmbH
    Osterberg 2
    21258 Heidenau
    Tel. +49 4182 23 8000

  • K.Hartwall
    Kay Hartwallin tie 2
    01150 Söderkulla
    Tel. +358 9 413 18 33

  • Serbia
    Djordja Stanojevica 12
    11077 Belgrade

    Sales Manager Retail, Central Europe
    Igor Ciric
    +381 668 030 415

Our distributors and partners

What our clients say


Three A-MATE FreeLift AGV

A-MATE, the first fully electric free lift AGV, is born


LiftLiner tugger train in use at the Söderkulla plant of K.Hartwall

K.Hartwall broadens its offering with tugger trains and AGVs by becoming majority shareholder of A&A Logistik Equipment


Added value with Asset Tracking Management


K.Hartwall brand image

PIEK certification: K. Hartwall strengthens its position in developing low-noise returnable goods carriers


KHW Global Delivery Network in place with own leading factory in Finland and partnered production in Central Europe and Asia


dolly on adaptor pallet

Launch of the Lean Adaptor Pallet and Dolly solution for the automotive industry


beverage industry logistic solutions

Our position in the beverage industry is strengthened by acquiring Polimoon’s and Arca Systems’ tray business


K.Hartwall zinc house manufacturing 1997

Our most modern facility to date, an in-house electro zinc-plating facility, is inaugurated


K.Hartwall logistics solutions 1990s

Launch of the Tray-Dolly-Pallet system for beverage logistics


K.Hartwall supplier for IKEA logistics 1982

K. Hartwall becomes IKEA's supplier for over 20 years


roll cage development 1980

New concept: a space-saving, nesting roll container: The Compactainer


retail industry milestone history 1966

The manufacturing of shopping trolleys begins


K.Hartwall - history how it all started in 1932 milestone

Erik Hartwall begins manufacturing wiring and clamps used by the bottling industry in Finland

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