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A-MATE® FreeLift

frontal view of the mobile robot product family A-MATE from K.Hartwall

AutoMate your load carrier movements

A-MATE® FreeLift

A-MATE® FreeLift is an intelligent mobile robot designed to transport logistic units such as pallets and containers in production and logistics environments such as warehouses and sorting centers.


As a Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) it is completely autonomous and does not need an on-board operator or driver.

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Slim design and omnidrive of A-MATE save time and money

Benefits of A-MATE® FreeLift

The key advantages of our AGV include its very slim design as well as the omnidirectional drive system, making it highly manoevrable and efficient even in tight spaces.


The powerful electric free lift (no scissors under the forks) allows floor-to-floor load handling as well as handling from racks and conveyors – with a maximum load of 1,000 kg and up to one metre in height. With a scanner coverage of 360° it also ensures maximum Health & Safety.

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A-MATE FreeLift pallet AGV for autonomous transport of load carriers

With our A-MATE® FreeLift you achieve

  • increased productivity by having 24/7 usage
  • reduced handling costs
  • increased Health & Safety in your operations
  • more flexibility
  • better process quality
  • operational transparency
  • compensation of skilled labour shortage


  • Touch-screen Human Machine Interface
  • Compatible with standard MHE
  • Long lasting Li-Ion battery
  • Powerful electrical Free Lift

Speed & Accuracy

  • Omnidrive/driving in all directions
  • Free navigation
  • Pallet detection


  • Emergency stop
  • 360° safety scanning
  • Visual signals

A-MATE FreeLift lifting a pallet onto a shelf in up to 1.1 meter height

Enjoy the Free Lift

  • Powered by electricity, not hydraulics
  • Lifting is enabled to 1 meter for up to 1000 kg
  • A-MATE® FreeLift can also load and unload units from conveyor belts
  • Li-ion battery enables long operating hours with minimal charging times

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A-MATE FreeLift supports efficient pallet handling even in tight spaces with omnidrive

Fast operations

  • Identification of load carrier combined with Omnidrive enables fast positioning and picking up the carrier
  • Fast and simultaneous correction of loading angle with Omnidrive

AGV automated pallet handling with A-MATE from K.Hartwall

High space efficiency

  • The Omnidrive feature enables free movement of the AGV in all directions.
  • Slim design enables moving and turning in tight spaces
  • Minimal operational space and aisle widths required

AGV safety with reliable scanners

360° safety

  • Continuous safety scanning, speed adjustment and obstacle avoidance
  • Emergency brake
  • Visual signals

front view of A-MATE mobile robot product family

Safe and easy to use in all environments

Free Navigation (SLAM)

  • No fixed infrastructure for navigation needed
  • A-MATE® FreeLift orients itself based on both the predefined lay-out of the space and measurement data provided by laser safety scanners

The A-MATE FreeLift can transport multiple types of load carriers


Lean Dollies & Adaptor Pallet

Roll cages

Foldable cages

AGV AMR A-MATE application in the automotive industry at Schaeffler

Automated load carrier movement

Successful AGV integration

AGV’s create an efficient and sustainable product flow even in demanding environments. They take over standardized and repetitive tasks which reduces handling costs and decrease the dependency on skilled labor.


Our video showcases the successful integration of our AGV A-MATE® FreeLift in the Automotive industry. The omnidirectional drive and the powerful electric free lift ensure a reliable movement in this plant – even in tight spaces.

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Drive conceptOmnidrive
TypeLifting fork
Driving speed1,5 m/s or 5,4 km/h
Max. lifting height / max. shelf height1100 mm /1000 mm
Load capacity1000 kg
Height1830 mm (1915 mm incl. top scanner)
Width800 mm
Length1626 mm
Fork length1200 mm
Fork width559 mm
Turning circle2200 mm
Ground clearance12 mm
Unit tare weight690 kg
Lifts and transportsall load carriers such as roll cages, pallets, foldable cages
Successful AGV-projects from start to finish from K.Hartwall Automation

Benefit from our support and know-how

Successful AGV projects from start to finish

We offer you a competent and reliable support through all AGV project phases that include following stages:

  1. Offer phase to tailor our AGV solution to your requirements
  2. Project preparation & AGV delivery
  3. AGV implementation at your site
  4. Trial run & acceptance including site acceptance
  5. After Sales Service with technical support & maintenance

In addition, we offer your staff various user and maintenance training options.

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Daniel Knopp Sales Manager Automation at K.Hartwall

Daniel Knopp

Sales Director AGV/AMR

+49 173 2176597

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