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“Ever since we started to use the K. Hartwall Lean Dollies in 2009, we have been able to improve our production flow and reduce handling costs. The implementation of the Lean Adaptor Pallet will now allow us to optimise even further our supply chain. ”


The challenge

Back in 2009 Schaeffler made a strategic decision to move towards lean production. In order to achieve that goal one of the necessary process changes was to implement lean logistics in the manufacturing process and sub-consequently into the whole supply chain – meaning a change from pallets to wheeled logistics.

The solution

Due to the experience with some of the largest automotive sub suppliers and a well-proven logistic concept, K. Hartwall made the implementation of wheeled logistics at Schaeffler possible. The modular Lean Solution enabled Schaeffler to improve their internal logistics and also bridge the gap between the various steps of the supply chain.

Industry: Automotive

Size: 14,4 billion €

Solution: Lean dolly and Adaptor Pallet

Products used