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AGV mobile robots

Our automated guided vehicles offer you a new way to reduce costs and increase efficiency in your logistics processes.

AGVs allow you to decrease your dependence on skilled labor, process errors and the risk of accidents.

Take a look at the next generation of AGVs and rewrite the future of logistics with us!

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The main benefits of transitioning from forklifts to AGVs

cost savings

improved safety & lower dependency on labor

systematic tracking

less product damage


Warehouse & sorting center

To automatically transport load carriers from point A to point B

Industrial manufacturing & assembly

To automatically transport, lift or grip heavy parts from one conveyor/robot line to another

Minimize your handling costs

Our mobile robots replace heavy and inefficient manual routines

Today, almost half of all working hours are spent on manual routine jobs. The World Economic Forum estimates that by 2035, automation will reduce that number to 35%. Key to this evolution is the increasing deployment of AGVs and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), which, in addition to boosting efficiency, can literally take the load off their human coworkers’ backs.

Additional benefits

Reduce damage and improve process visibility

Whereas manually-driven forklifts regularly hit load carriers and the products within them, our mobile robots use the latest scanner technology and navigation software, making them extremely accurate. Each of their tasks automatically leaves a trace, which enables you to track past incidents and better plan future operations.

So with us, your load carrier fleet and products are always safe.

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