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“We selected K.Hartwall as a long term partner due to their capability to understand our requirements and find innovative new solutions that help us to improve our logistics in the future. ”


The challenge

Today the transition to lower letter volumes and increasing parcels are changing the requirements for the logistics infrastructure and e.g. asset management. PostNord has stated that in the future they need to manage and create a balanced logistics operation with a major focus on e-commerce in the Nordic domestic market.

The solution

In the future K.Hartwall will support PostNord both by providing the existing manual handling equipment but also to develop new and innovative ways of improving the postal logistics in the future. We have already started this cooperation with a new container pilot to test more time efficient alternatives for loose loads.

Industry: Postal

Size: 3,8 billion €

K.Hartwall BigBox in use at Postnord

Suitable products and solutions