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U Proximité France

“The first trials proved the concept and quality of the Foldia roll cage but also revealed that the benefits would impact our whole supply chain as well as safety and comfort of all users. ”

U Proximité France

The challenge

While renewing its equipment, U Proximité France, realised that they could easily improve their operations and the work conditions of their operators within the warehouse, the stores as well as under transport.

The solution

The solution was clear: the Foldia® of K. Hartwall equipped with a SmartShelf®! The Foldia® is an ergonomic foldable roll container, with a 5:1 folding ratio – 1 unit can hold 4 folded ones. It improves efficiency in reverse logistics and has a long lifespan for a low total cost of ownership, while complying with ISO standards. The SmartShelf® is attached to one side of the roll container and can be adjusted up and down to accommodate multiple package types and sizes.

Industry: Retail

Size: 390 million €

Solution: Foldia

UPF roll cage in use

Products used