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Flower roll container

This roll container is designed for the transport, storage and display of flower and green plants.

It is both a foldable and stackable roll container.

Its adjustable shelf height and angle make the unit ergonomic and multipurpose.

The sides are foldable and the units are stackable saving a huge amount of space when empty or in reverse logistics.

The Flower roll container exists also in footprint 565 x 715 mm.

  • Retail
  • Automotive
  • Postal & Parcel
  • Industrial logistics

Flower roll container

Flower roll container by K.Hartwall in use in the DYI industry
flower cart flower roll container for DYI

Technical specification

External dimensions565 x 1350 x 1580 mm
Internal dimensions565 x 1350 x 1580 mm
Unit tare weight with 5 shelves54 kg
Distance between shelves50-1150 mm
Stacking height250 mm
Safe working load per shelf50 kg
Safe working load per unit300 kg
Castor size100 mm
Loaded units / 13,6m trailer40
Empty units / 13,6m trailer124
FinishZinc electro-plated + dip-lacquered

Key benefits

  • Ready-to-sell
  • Can carry different plant tray sizes and models
  • Can be used as a display in the store thanks to its gravity-fed shelf
  • Very space efficient in storage and reverse logistics
  • Easy to manoeuvre and maintain