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AutoMate your load carrier movements


A-Mate is the best-in-class fully electrical pallet AGV.

The A-Mate is equipped with:
✓    Free navigation
✓    Omnidrive
✓    Pallet detection

Its key advantage compared to other AGV solutions is its free lift (no scissors) enabling to lift up to
1000 kg up to 1 meter.

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  • Touch-screen Human Machine Interface
  • Compatible with standard MHE
  • Long lasting Li-Ion battery
  • Powerful electrical Free Lift

Speed & Accuracy

  • Omnidrive/driving in all directions
  • Free navigation
  • Pallet detection


  • Emergency stop
  • 360° safety scanning
  • Visual signals

Enjoy the Free Lift

  • Powered by electricity, not hydraulics
  • Lifting is enabled to 1 meter for up to 1000 kg
  • A-Mate can also load and unload units from conveyor belts
  • Li-ion battery enables long operating hours with minimal charging times

Fast operations

  • Identification of load carrier combined with Omnidrive enables fast positioning and picking up the carrier
  • Fast and simultaneous correction of loading angle with Omnidrive

High space efficiency

  • The Omnidrive feature enables free movement of the AGV in all directions.
  • Slim design enables moving and turning in tight spaces
  • Minimal operational space and aisle widths required

360° safety

  • Continuous safety scanning, speed adjustment and obstacle avoidance
  • Emergency brake
  • Visual signals

Safe and easy to use in all environments

Free Navigation (SLAM)

  • No fixed infrastructure for navigation needed
  • A-Mate orients itself based on both the predefined lay-out of the space and measurement data provided by laser safety scanners

The A-Mate can transport multiple types of load carriers


Lean Dollies & Adaptor Pallet

Roll cages

Foldable cages

Technical specification

Drive concept Omnidrive
Type Lifting fork
Lifting speed 0.2 m/s
Lift height 1100 mm
Load capacity 1000 kg
Height  1830 mm
Width  800 mm
Length  1626 mm
Fork length  1200 mm
Fork width  559 mm
Turning radius  1840 mm
Ground clearance  12 mm
Unit tare weight 690 kg
Lift All load carriers such as roll cages, pallets, foldable cages

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