4 sided H-frame Compactainer® - customisable roll cage

The Compactainer® is a nesting Roll Cage designed to reduce manual operations, improve ergonomics and space efficiency.

This 4-sided unit eliminates the need for shrink-wrapping and reduces product damages.

It also enables you to reduce space requirements in outlets and storage rooms. The footprint of the Roll Cage is also calculated to maximize both transport cubic efficiency and warehouse space for buffering.

Equipped with gravity latches and dogbone retainers for the base and fixed shelf it is easy and safe to use.

Designed for following uses and industries

External dimensions1770 x 800 x 760 mm
Internal dimensions 1576 x 800 x 716 mm
Unit tare weight46 kg
Safe working load per unit500 kg
Loaded units / 13,6m trailer66
Nested units / 13,6 m trailer153
Nesting increment235 mm
Castor size100 mm swivel + 125 mm fixed
Castor type2 fixed, 2 swivel
FinishZinc electro-plated + dip-lacquered


  • Other external width: 664 mm and others heights available
  • Equipped with one fixed shelf with load capacity 250kg
  • Available without fixed shelf
  • RFID tags and bar code stickers
  • Different wheel materials
  • Branded logo stickers on nameplate

Key benefits

  • No shrink wrap or foil needed to secure goods
  • Space efficient roll container
  • One person handling: easily nestable for storage
  • No lifting: Best in class ergonomics
  • Designed for easy maintenance
  • high resistance to damage
  • Reduce manual handling
  • 2-way forklift entry