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Large 2 sided H-frame Compactainer®

This 2 m high and almost 1m deep Compactainer® is designed for delivery of crates.

The Compactainer® design helps you reduce manual handling, improve ergonomics and space efficiency in combination with higher cubic truck fill.

The easy and ergonomic one person nesting ensures that your employees or customers, can reduce space requirements in outlets and storage rooms. Further ensure that you can get all empty roll cages back quickly from the delivery points

  • Retail
  • Automotive
  • Postal & Parcel
  • Industrial logistics

Large 2 sided H-frame Compactainer®

Large 2-sided H-frame Compactainer®
Large 2-sided H-frame Compactainer roll cage
Large 2 sided H-frame Compactainer®

Technical specification

External dimensions2001 x 704 x 980 mm
Internal dimensions1810 x 660 x 980 mm
Unit tare weight35 kg
Safe working load per unit450 kg
Loaded units / 13,6m trailer45
Nested units / 13,6 m trailer204
Nesting increment185 mm
Castor size100 mm
Castor type2 fixed, 2 swivel
FinishZinc electro-plated + dip-lacquered

Key benefits

  • Inbuilt efficiency for reverse logistics
  • Long life-span and low total cost of ownership
  • Space-efficient

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