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Parcel cage

This standard footprint foldable cage can be used for line hauls between sorting centres and inbound flows from large business customers.

In addition to compatibility with robotic handling and 100% automatic tipping its design support efficient one-man manual handling. Ability to double stack units is a standard feature as it is the only way to reach higher truck fills.

It is equipped with half-drop down gates for safe unloading.

The self-guiding corner posts make it easy to stack the units with a forklift. Special locks on the gates enable automatic tipping.The short side made of honeycomb panels helps the packages to glide during tipping. It can also be taken down and be used as a ramp.

  • Retail
  • Automotive
  • Postal & Parcel
  • Industrial logistics

Parcel cage

Parcel Cage in use at Posti Finland
Parcel Cage Posti from K.Hartwall
Parcel Cage with wire mesh
parcel cage K.Hartwall
Parcel cage

Technical specification

External dimensions1545 x 1030 x 1230 mm
Internal dimensions1403 x 950 x 1130 mm
Unit tare weight121 kg
Safe working load1000 kg
Loaded units / 13,5m trailer26
Stacked units / 13,5m trailer156
Stacking incremental height346 mm
Max stacking (empty)6 high
Max stacking (loaded)1 high
FinishZinc electroplate

Key benefits

  • 100% reliable automatic tipping
  • One person operation
  • No loose parts
  • Improve vehicle cubic fill
  • Ergonomic unit: Walk-in access for easy loading
  • High compatibility stacking with other MHE
  • Fast loading and unloading
  • Easy branding of the honeycomb panels

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