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Dairy Dolly

Requiring no manual handling from the dairy producer to the store, Dairy Dolly significantly reduces labour costs in your supply chain.

It can be rolled directly into the store for display to maximise the supply chain efficiency and in-store display value. It can also carry multiple types of crates for milk and other dairy products.

A multipurpose and cost-efficient load carrier, Daily Dolly can be placed in secondary venues in the store if needed. Note that Dairy Dolly comes into its own especially in semi-automated environments.

  • Retail
  • Automotive
  • Postal & Parcel
  • Industrial logistics

Dairy Dolly

Dairy dolly by K.Hartwall
Dairy Dolly order picking
Foldia and dairy dolly on taillift
Dairy store
Dairy Dolly

Technical specification

External dimensions685 x 435 x 165 mm
Internal dimensions655 x 405 x 23 mm
Weight9 kg
Surface treatmentZinc electro-plated + dip-lacquered
Maximum working load250 kg
Transportation in a 45’ container/trailer1470 units
Stacking height134 mm
Handling space between wheels262 mm
Wheel diameter100 mm
Wheel type2 fixed, 2 swiveling

Key benefits

  • Ready-to-sell
  • Universal display – can be used for various crate sizes and types
  • Easy and safe to handle
  • Easy to wash and maintain

Accessories & extra

  • Handle

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