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Hybrid Dolly

Strong and versatile, ½ pallet Hybrid Dolly is constructed with plastic deck and metal reinforcements. It is also equipped with anti-slip strips to prevent the packages from gliding. It can support different sizes and types of plastic crates and trays and is ideal for storing, transporting and displaying bulk products. Hybrid Dolly can also be supplied with PIEK certified rubber wheels.

As with all K. Hartwall dollies, Hybrid Dolly offers one-touch logistics and is ready for display locking. Hybrid Dolly is also suitable for multiple uses and various transportation systems for a long life-span and low total cost of ownership.

  • Retail
  • Automotive
  • Postal & Parcel
  • Industrial logistics

Hybrid Dolly

Hybrid Dolly by K.Hartwall
Hybrid dolly with trays

Technical specification

DOS1527with compound wheels
DOS1582with rubber wheels (PIEK certified)
External dimensions800 x 600 x 198 mm
Internal dimensions780 x 580 x 7 mm
Unit tare weight DOS15279,5 kg
Unit tare weight DOS158210,2 kg
Safe working load500 kg
Stacked units / 45’ trailer924
Stacking height164,5 mm
Castor size100 mm
Castor type2 fixed, 2 swivel
Handling space between wheels425/589 mm
Noise Level for DOS158260 dB(A)

Key benefits

  • Easy branding and marking
  • Suitable for automated order-picking
  • Stackable for space savings
  • Silent with optional PIEK certified wheels
  • Suitable for automated handling
  • Ready-to-sell

Accessories & extra

  • Optional mit geschlossenem Deck
  • Handle
  • Lid
  • Hot stamped logo
  • Optional close deck

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