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Tugger Trains

Streamline your logistics process

The LiftLiner is an agile and compact tugger train solution. It is an excellent choice for forklift-free environments. With the LiftLiner, you can avoid the complexities of sequencing deliveries to the production line in advance.

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AGV mobile robots

Automate the movement of your load carriers

Replacing manually-driven forklift trucks with AGVs allows you to decrease your labor costs and your dependency on skilled labor. It also improves health and safety by reducing process errors and the risk of accidents.

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Load Carriers

Fine-tune your supply chain

Fine-tune your supply chain with our returnable goods carriers and services – for higher cubic fill, reduced handling costs, better ergonomics and lower environmental impact, as well as total cost of ownership.

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Value Analysis Tool

Choose the optimal load carrier based on data

K. Hartwall Value Analysis aims to define the optimal load carrier for a supply chain.

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Asset management & tracking

Optimal usage of assets in your daily logistics operations

The starting point for optimal usage is to know how many assets are in use, where they are and where they need to be. We can help you with this challenge.

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