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SmartCube® Light

The SmartCube® Light is a lighter and modular version of our standard SmartCube® foldable cage.

It drastically boosts vehicle fill efficiency by using the full cubic of the truck.

Its construction prevents the transported goods from damage and eliminates the need for shrink wrap – as a result you safely deliver goods to the stores and in a sustainable way.

Most stillages have only one half drop-down gate on the long side but the SmartCube® Light has also a half-drop down gate on the short side. You have full access to the products and can load and unload them safely.

The SmartCube® Light can be stacked on top of a standard SmartCube® or SmartCube® Jumbo

  • Retail
  • Automotive
  • Postal & Parcel
  • Industrial logistics

SmartCube® Light

SmartCube Light foldable cage
SmartCube Light stacked and folded
foldable cage SmartCube
divider SmartCube Light foldable cage

Technical specification

External dimensions1221 x 817 x 1212 mm
Internal dimensions1101 x 723 x 1010 mm
Unit tare weight60 kg
Safe working load500 kg
Loaded units / 13,5m trailer64
Stacked units / 13,5m trailer192
Stacking height - empty330 mm
Max stacking (empty)12 high
Max stacking (loaded)4 high (3 on 1)
Finish Zinc electroplate and lacquer

Key benefits

  • Modular: possibility to have add-on features such as bars for Standing Items or a vertical divider for smaller goods
  • No shrink wrap needed as for pallets
  • Easy visibilty of the content compared to plastic boxes
  • Access to products from three sides for easy loading
  • Takes seconds to put in operational mode
  • Fully stackable when folded or assembled

Accessories & extra

  • Possibility to have add-on bars for Standing Items or a vertical divider
  • Can be stacked on top of SmartCube®, SmartCube® Jumbo or SmartCube® Standing items

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