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SmartCube® Jumbo

Mixable with your existing fleet, the SmartCube® Jumbo is designed for long and odd-size items.

It keeps the transported goods safe and sound – no shrink wrap is needed for protection, a fact that lowers costs and enhances product visibility.

Like with all K.Hartwall foldable cages, the SmartCube® is efficient in return logistics as well as durable, ergonomic and safe in use.

Our different SmartCube® models (Standard, Jumbo, Standing items, Light) are compatible with each other.

Please note that the SmartCube®  Jumbo is also available in ISO Size (1000 x 1200 mm  footprint).

  • Retail
  • Automotive
  • Postal & Parcel
  • Industrial logistics

SmartCube® Jumbo

Smartcube®-Jumbo foldable cage
SmartCube Jumbo K.Hartwall
SmartCube Jumbo foldable cage
SmartCube® Jumbo

Technical specification

External dimensions849 (Width) x 2609 x 828 mm
Internal dimensions683 (Width) x 2554 x 635mm
Safe working load1000 kg
Unit tare weight139 kg
Loaded units / 13,6m trailer30
Nested units / 13,6m trailer60
Stacking at the warehouse Loaded units3 high (2 on 1)
Stacking at the warehouse Empty units7 high (6 on 1)
Stacking in transport Loaded units3 high (2 on 1)
Stacking in transport Empty units6 high (5 on 1) = 2269mm
FinishZinc electroplate + lacquer

Key benefits

  • Reduce product damage
  • No loose parts
  • Access from both sides
  • Easy to assemble and fold
  • Good product visibility
  • Fully stackable when folded or assembled
  • Very low total cost of ownership

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