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Internationalisation Award 2022

Finnish president handing out the innovaion award to K.Hartwall in 2022

On 18 November, K.Hartwall received the Internationalisation Award of the President of the Republic of Finland in the  subcategory Growth Company of the Year.

This award is a recognition granted each year to Finnish companies that have gained international success, and to the communities behind them.

K.Hartwall, founded in 1932 in Sibbo, designs and supplies material handling equipment solutions in more than 65 countries. The company has succeeded in combining the benefits of returnable load carriers with the efficiency of automated solutions enhancing the optimization of material handling both for internal and external logistics. K.Hartwall solutions promote more efficient intralogistics, lower handling and transportation costs, and support employees’ well-being with ergonomic designs.

K.Hartwall has developed partnerships across various industries such as retail, postal & parcel, automotive, and industrial manufacturing. Amazon, Walgreens, Carrefour, ICA, Coca-Cola, Arla, Royal Mail, DHL, PostNord, Bosch, Schaeffler, The Home Depot, Target, Volvo, Volkswagen, BMW, Kingfisher and Australia Post are just a few of K.Hartwall’s highly valued customers.

“This award is an acknowledgement of a long-term strategy to establish ourselves as an innovative and international player in more than 65 countries. A key factor in the internationalisation of K. Hartwall has been
the ability to understand the specificities of each country and its industries while sharing best practices from different markets. We advise other Finnish companies that strive for global growth to believe in themselves, dream big, and, most importantly, cultivate a local presence in their most important international markets. It is crucial for Finnish international companies to continue to be supported by dedicated governmental organizations that can facilitate the company´s activities through local expertise, networks and funding, so that it is able to take the next step towards internationalisation,” Jerker Hartwall, CEO of K.Hartwall, explains.

The timing of this award could not have been better as K.Hartwall celebrates its 90th anniversary this month and the company will, for the first time in its history, achieve another major milestone by surpassing 100 M€ in turnover this year.

Read more about the Internationalisation Awards 2022 here.

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