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K.Hartwall aims to achieve zero emission electricity for its main factories in Finland and Germany

100% carbon-free electricity in 2023

In 2023, K.Hartwall aims to achieve zero emission electricity for its premises in Finland and Germany. Meaning that the electricity we use is solely produced from clean sources of energy.

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K.Hartwall CEO Jerker Hartwall

90 years and thriving

As the world copes with rapid digitalisation, climate change and geopolitical events, K. Hartwall finds itself poised to create lasting change in the logistics sector.

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Be smart, be sustainable

We are all familiar with the idea of TCO – total cost of ownership. However, it is not just the cost that we should approach with this method. The same should concern the sustainability aspect of the way we work and the investments that we make.

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K.Hartwall makes massive investments in new equipment

To further improve quality and efficiency we have invested in cutting-edge laser cutter, wire processing and welding techniques.

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64 junior teams to get support in 64 countries

K.Hartwall has launched a welfare program to support a Junior Sport team in each of the countries where it is doing business. The first awarded Junior Team is situated in Liuzhou City, 1500 km East of Suzhou. Read more

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We are green

In Finland we are close to nature. It is a part of our DNA, not just a trend. At K. Hartwall we have intensified our efforts over the last four years to manage environmental issues.

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